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Microsoft's Randy Siegel equates using a BlackBerry with sending data to Canada

Darren Murph

Whoa, Nelly! There's a 74.6 percent chance that Microsoft's Randy Siegel will never, ever live this down. After finding that newly inaugurated president Barack Obama could keep his BlackBerry, Mr. Siegel -- who is an enterprise mobile strategist that works on federal government projects -- was quoted as saying the following about using a device whose creator is based in Canada: "You would be sending your data outside the country; we wouldn't want the casual musings or official communications of the most important person in the world being intercepted by others." Everyone get that? Owning a RIM device means that every bit and byte you send and receive is being carefully monitored by Canucks up in the Great White North, regardless of your hometown or carrier. Thanks for the laughs, Randy -- we needed 'em today.

[Via RCRWireless]

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