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More screens of Android Cupcake, and a chance to taste it yourself

Tim Stevens

Eagerly awaiting your opportunity to try out Cupcake on your G1 or other Android-powered device? Sadly we still don't know exactly when you'll get your chance, but we can at least give you an opportunity to check it out emu-style. Nullwire has the links, files, and instructions you'll need to get the current revision Android emulator up and running on your home computer, plus the freshly-frosted binaries you'll want to get a taste of some Cupcake action. We verified everything does work, so hit the read link if you want to take a bite yourself, or, if you're just looking for a guilt-free glimpse, take a look in the gallery. It has freshly baked screens of the new notepad app, the global time globe, and of course the delectable virtual keyboard.

Gallery: Android Cupcake | 6 Photos

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