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Pachter: Xbox 360 a 'gold mine' for Netflix growth


All-knowing, all-powerful games industry analyst, Michael Pachter, sees the partnership between Microsoft and Netflix as a very good thing for the latter's bottom line. GameDaily quotes the silicon seer as calling Xbox Live a "proverbial gold mine" for Netflix.

How's that? Pachter estimates that roughly one million Xbox Live Gold members are also Netflix subscribers, and that 200,000 or so of them signed up for Netflix after the debut of the New Xbox Experience in late November, 2008. Pachter's posse of prognosticators at Wedbush Morgan Securities feel that the influx of 360 owners to the video rental service "will continue at super-normal levels for quite some time."

In fact, Pachter expects to see "as many as 1 million [XBL Gold members] join as Netflix members in the next year," and furthermore predicts 35% of those who buy a 360 in 2009 will also purchase a Gold membership, hence the proverbial gold mine. Note to Netflix: We suggest you nix any plans to add the Leprechaun films for Instant Queue viewing, lest you wish for the rapscallion to make off with said gold.

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