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Portland shooter called 'quiet, video game fan'


According to the Oregonian, a man who allegedly shot nine people outside a Portland, Oregon nightclub last Saturday was a player of first-person shooters. Erik Salvador Ayala (pictured) allegedly shot nine people outside of a nightclub called The Zone, killing two teenage girls and wounding seven other people before turning the gun on himself.

Six of the victims were from outside of the United States and were part of a Rotary Club exchange program, while the remaining three were American. Ayala remains in critical condition as of late Sunday evening. A motive for the shooting has yet to be established, with no apparent link existing between Ayala and the victims. A neighbor claimed that he didn't own a gun.

The Oregonian article describes Ayala as "a quiet man with an interest in computers and video games, not guns or nightclubs," noting that he played both Resistance: Fall of Man and Left 4 Dead. No link has been cited between the games and the shooting.

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