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Toribash taking a turn on WiiWare


The World of Goo Gold Rush (Goold Rush?) has enticed another indie game developer to adapt its work to WiiWare. Swedish developer Hampa has revealed an upcoming WiiWare release of his fighter Toribash, one of Wired's "Best Indie Games of 2007".

Toribash is an exceptionally bizarre game: a turn-based fighting game controlled by positioning a fighter's limbs into an attack move and then unfreezing time. The resulting melee is stilted, awkward -- and unexpectedly, graphically violent. The version shown here and in the video after the break isn't the final Wii release, but it is a promising work in progress. Oh, and we feel obligated to state this explicitly, because it's often important to a lot of Wii fans: hey, check it out, it's a violent game on Wii.

[Via IndieGames]

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