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Welcome to the New Joystiq (3.0 if you're counting)

So here we are: the new Joystiq. It's more than just a slick visual upgrade (and it's definitely that!). It's a whole new Joystiq network. You can use those tabs up top to drill down into the "spokes" – formerly known as the "Fanboy" sites – and then dive back into Joystiq. We've cleaned things up; reduced much of the link cruft; widened the content column; added video and podcast modules to the right rail; and added a new coat of polish to the entire operation.

We'll have a full day's worth of gaming coverage for you tomorrow, as well as a tour of the new site and some guides for those of you who've been out of the game for awhile. Until then, let us know what you think of the new sites in the comments! We'll do our best to respond, but we'll definitely be listening to any and all feedback in there.

We honestly could not have done any of this without a bunch of people assisting behind the curtain. A big thanks to Joystiq's newest hire, Mr. Justin Glow, for piecing this together with his bare hands; a big thanks to the Weblogs, Inc. design crew, especially Mr. Erik Sagen; Team Blogsmith, who not only built some much-needed custom functionality to make this crazy thing seaworthy but also did the heavy lifting that, frankly, the staff at Joystiq is in no shape to do on our own. And lastly, Marty Moe and Brad Hill for seeing things through – it helps to have friends in high places.

PS- A very big thanks to everyone who joined us in the chatroom while we got this thing in the water!

Update: We're ironing out some small issues with Joystiq PlayStation. hang tight! Fixed. --Justin

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