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A2M still wants gamers to get 'Wet'

A2M still wants to get gamers Wet, despite the fact that the title doesn't have a publisher. A casualty of the Activision Blizzard merger, Wet was one of the titles drowned out of a Sierra lineup that included Ghostbusters and Brütal Legend.

In an interview with Edge, A2M ???senior artistic technical director, David Lightbrown, described Wet as an acrobatic shooter. Gameplay will allow players to perform various acrobatic moves while blasting foes away, but instead of the "combo heavy approach" found in Devil May Cry, A2M wants players to feel rewarded for utilizing acrobatics. Wet has been designed as an arena-style experience, making it at least somewhat similar to Devil May Cry's "lock you in the room until the monsters are dead" approach.

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