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AMD has no plans for Geode successor, retirement party

Darren Murph

You know that low-power Geode processor that powered a-many of OLPC XOs? Better stock up now, 'cause AMD isn't planning a proper successor. In the words of spokesman Phil Hughes: "There are no plans for a follow-on product to today's available AMD Geode LX products, but we expect to make this very successful processor available to customers as long as the market demands." Pretty straightforward if we should say so ourselves, but it'll be kind of weird with just VIA and Intel holding down the low-power CPU fort. According to Dean McCarron, president for Mercury Research, the Geode was "a nice niche market for [AMD]," but considering the current market, the chip maker is being forced to focus its efforts on fewer devices. It's been real, Geode -- way to go out on top.

[Via HotHardware]

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