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Around Azeroth: Fava beans and a nice Chianti


This screenshot's submitter, Gauvain of <Suppression> on Lightning's Blade, has come up with his own story behind it:

"'Do you people eat human bodies?' said Gauvain one day, upon entering a troll village, and pointed to a vicious troll looking at him. 'KEK !?!' was the instant reply - 'Yes; don't you?' And a few minutes later the chieftain of the village came back with a club and then Gauvain lost his memory. He tried to wake up, but in his nightmare, all Gauvain was able to see was meat around him, which consisted of large and generous portions of flesh, only too obviously of human origin. Historically shrouded in mystery, myth, symbolism, fear and speculation, cannibalism remains one of the ultimate taboos inside every Alliance major city. At least they should let Master Taneus know how he just lost his devoted paladin Gauvain ..."

Not bad, although since trolls and humans are separate species, it really shouldn't be considered cannibalism. After all, apes kill and eat monkeys all the time. Mmm .... delicious monkey. If you'd excuse me, I need to make a sudden trip to the zoo.

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