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Demron garments resist radiation without overlooking style

Laura June

Sure, radiation's not high on our personal list of threats, but that doesn't mean it's not on someone's, right? Well, to that end, Radiation Shield Technologies has developed a full line of radiation-defeating garments (the thyroid collar being our favorite). In fact, the company has just been awarded a patent for the nanotechnology which they say is the "world's first protective material designed for all types of chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear incidents." The material, called Demron, is a nanopolymeric compound (which they call "liquid metal") fused between layers of fabric and concocted into gear which is lead-, toxin-, and PVC-free, and is capable of blocking gamma rays, X-rays and other nuclear emissions. The garments are currently used by NASA and various governments across this planet of ours, but they also seem to be commercially available for prices ranging from about $700 up to $6,500 for the nuclear blanket. Citizens of Megaton: rejoice!

[Via TG Daily]

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Read - U.S. Patent #7,476,889

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