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LotRO free trial keys are back for North America and Oceania

Shawn Schuster

Just last week we received news that Codemasters was holding a Welcome Back Week for the European Lord of the Rings Online players, and now there's good news for the North American and Oceanic players as well. Turbine has just announced a 10-day free trial key available for download from their website. Even if you live in Europe, there are 14-day free trial keys still available for you as well.

If you're thinking of using one of these trial keys to sample the game for the first time, might we suggest a few weapons from our own arsenal. Check out our LotRO category page for the latest news on the game, our new class guides for the Warden and the Rune-keeper, our low-level and high-level guides to Mines of Moria, and don't forget our Know Your LotRO Lore features!

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