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New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers trailer! Really!


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is out in Japan this week, bringing a delightful bonus along: the promised Crystal Bearers trailer, which a helpful YouTube friend has uploaded (though with a watermark to forever remind us of his helpfulness). Head past the break to see the new footage.

We haven't seen footage of this game since May 2007, and it wasn't really enough to get a good idea of gameplay. But this trailer features entire, sumptuous minutes of in-game footage, revealing one of the weirdest Final Fantasy games ever -- and that's even if we ignore the incongruous soundtrack!

It appears to be an action game in which players pick up items and monsters with a sort of telekinetic power, and toss them. We very much hope that it turns out to be better than Square Enix's other recent physics (and tossing-stuff)-based action game, Dawn of Mana. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't offer new information about any release plans, but its very inclusion suggests it's coming soon!

[Via NeoGAF]

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