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Onechanbara: Leather Catsuit Zombie Slayers


Yesterday's Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers video left out one important component of the experience: Reiko, the cloned fighter sent out to capture samples of Aya and Saki's blood. Well, it also left out Misery, but we expect to see her soon. That's right, in case you had forgotten, Tamsoft's super-bloody hack-and-slash has another character who is -- get this -- a scantily-clad young woman. In this game? Really? What a departure! And here she is (after the break) in fenced-off areas slashing a bunch of zombies with a sword. It's like a totally different game.

We might be doing Reiko's outfit a disservice by calling it a catsuit. Catsuits are demure next to her little ensemble, which is basically the front of a vest and a set of skintight chaps, with some fishnet underneath.

We kind of can't believe that Onechanbara is really coming out on February 10. We've been talking about this silly game since September 2007!


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