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robuRIDE30 robot vehicle shuttles people into the future -- with boredom


The future has been so... boring lately! We used to dream of flying cars and nanotech, and now we're lucky if we can get a GE SmartMeter appliance 'round our way. Adding one more to the list of things that do not particularly excite anyone, robuRIDE is a device that harnesses the power of cutting-edge robotry and puts it in what amounts to a bus stop. With wheels. Developed in France by a company called robosoft, previous iterations of the thing are in service at Vulcania Park and Simserhof Fort in France, while robuRIDE30, the latest prototype (captured on video after the break) will be wowing visitors to the Rome Exhibition Center soon-ish. The good news is that, since they top out at around 15 mph, these autonomous vehicles are probably too slow to be at the forefront of the coming robot invasion. Unless that's just what we're supposed to think...


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