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Samsung Memoir emerges in T-Mobile documentation

Darren Murph

It's all falling into place, wouldn't you agree? The Samsung Memoir, which has been rumored for a T-Mobile launch for nearly two months now, seems to be just under a month away from release... at least, if you believe the above pictured documentation is real. As the story goes, this here T-Mobile document was found perched on some suit's desk just begging to be shared, and sure enough, we're now looking at a February 25th launch date for the eight megapixel cameraphone that's evidently aimed at family focused photographers aged 30 to 45. In all honesty, that $299.99 price tag (after rebates and contract) seems a touch high to us, but definitely not outside the realm of feasibility. Hang tight, folks -- super blurry unboxing shots and the like are (probably) just around the bend.

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