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Yubz Swarovski-covered cellphone handset plunges us into a sea of despair


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Sometimes we get the impression that somewhere out there is a community of ultra-wealthy individuals that live lives of unimagined excess and opulence. And when they get together to do whatever it is that they do -- think of ways to take over the world, perhaps -- they can be recognized by the fact that all of their belongings are encrusted in Swarovski crystal. From cameras to coffee makers, they live in a world of such rarefied elegance that any non-Swarovskified gadget is a blight, an eyesore. Even if you think we're a bit off base, it appears that someone at Yubz might know where we're coming from. The company is known for its plug-in handsets for cellphone users who want to kick it old school (like, "bakelite" old school). These things are usually available in cool colors like "Russian Red" and "Regal Gold" for somewhere around $45 ($75 if you want Bluetooth support). According to Chip Chick, the company has announced their newest handset line: beginning with "Lust" and working its way up through the Seven Deadly Sins, these guys will feature Bluetooth, a hell of a lot of Swarovskis, and an $1,800 price tag. Should be hitting the streets in the spring, if you can wait that long. And we've included a couple pictures of the standard device after the break, so you could see what all the fuss is about. You're welcome.

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