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Rumor: UC Berkeley students offer StarCraft class

Justin McElroy

What we like about a new StarCraft class being offered at UC Berkeley is that it's just that: A class to help you be better at StarCraft and enjoy playing it more. Really.

From the course description: "What may look like complex topics are just ways we want you to think more deeply about the game to derive a greater satisfaction from playing. Furthermore, this understanding should have applications in real life, to further synthesize new information from limited inferences."

Note that it says it "should" have real-world applications. As in, "This should be of some practical use to you, but even if it's not, you just played StarCraft on the US Department of Education's dime, so maybe you shouldn't look a gift Protoss in the mouth."

Update: It appears this class may be a student initiative in Berkeley's alternative education program, as opposed to being an official part of the syllabus. We're sure students will recognize the course's immense value regardless.

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