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Ensemble co-founder says goodbye as studio closes


Today Ensemble Studios co-founder Bruce Shelley wrote his final blog for the company, which is set to shut its doors forever now that work on Halo Wars is complete. Shelley said that "about 60%" of the staff that worked on the first Age of Empires title stayed with the company for its entire lifespan, making for some mixed emotions during the studio's final week. "Boxes are piled in the hallways for trash; people are giving away games and other stuff they don't want anymore; computers are being wiped; and our corporate IDs are being turned in," he said, adding, "Although we will be keeping in touch through some alumni initiatives, many of us may not cross paths again." He then went on to thank everyone that supported the studio throughout the years.

According to Shelley, "at least two new studios" will be formed by former Ensemble Studios employees, one of which will handle Ensemble Studios Online and post-launch support for Halo Wars. We wish all Ensemble Studios staff members the best of luck in their new endeavors.

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