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GRIN talks movie games, state of the industry


Speaking to, GRIN co-founder Ulf Andersson shared some of his thoughts on creating movie licensed games -- something he's been doing a lot recently -- as well as thoughts on the game industry as a whole. Concerning games based on films, Anderson said he believed that "the movie business is taking games more seriously," further noting that the audiences for both films and games have "begun to meld together" (you don't say!).

About the game industry itself, Anderson said the business needs "established quality marks." For example, said Anderson, consumers can be relatively certain that a game released by Blizzard or Valve will be good, but building that kind of reputation takes years, a luxury most small developers don't have. Said Anderson, "I think establishing some sort of quality mark... I don't know, I'm dreaming here, but it would be so nice to have something like: "Boom! This is good." Yes, Ulf. Yes it would.

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