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Motorola's VE465, ZN300, QA4 and VE66 Lux get one step closer to officialdom

Darren Murph

So, there's good news and not-so-awesome news. As for the former, we've got four new Motorola handsets that look to be as good as definite. As for the latter, there's only a sliver of a chance you'll actually be interested in owning one. That said, those looking for a new dumbphone (and unwilling to wait for the bounties sure to unfold at Mobile World Congress) can have a gander at the VE465, ZN300, QA4 and VE66 Lux. Unfortunately, the only one which has bothered to show its whole self (and not just its face) is the above pictured VE465, which we already knew was on the way courtesy of the FCC. Prep your best yawn and hit the read link if you're ready for more.

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