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Mythic announces 'live expansion' for Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is getting its first major booster shot just six months after its initial launch. Titled A Call to Arms, the changes will come to the game in the form of a number of in-game events held over the course of a few months -- the devs are calling it a "live expansion." Our ninja-looting sister site Massively has all the details about the upcoming events as well as an in-depth interview with WAR executive producer Jeff Hickman, but here's a basic breakdown of the events, and the additions they'll bring:
  • Call to Arms: Bitter Rivals (Late Feb.) -- The Bitter Rivals event features quests, tasks and RvR activities which will allow players to unlock the once-canceled Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer classes. Players who don't participate in the events will unlock the two classes a week later.
  • Call to Arms: Beyond the Sands (April) and Rise of the Tomb Kings (May) -- Hickman didn't share many details about these two events, only explaining that they would eventually lead up to the launch of ...
  • The Land of the Dead (June) -- An internal dungeon (with accompanying external zone) which realms will compete to control. It will feature new public quests, instances, items and a pyramid which houses the Tomb King; the dungeon's focal point which Hickman promises will incite "crazy epic adventures."

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