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THQ: Rumored closure false, Euro wireless subsidiary restructured

Ross Miller

Earlier today, a rumor circulated across the interwebs, stating that THQ had closed its doors and laid off* all its employees. The origin of the story seems to be a "source" close to N-Europe. We've already heard of "significant business realignments," as well as one analyst's proclamation that the publisher's franchises were slumping, but just this week it hinted at sequels to de Blob -- so what gives?

As it turns out, this is (probably) much ado about nothing. We've got an official statement from the publisher rebuking the story. Said THQ, "Today, we advised our staff of a restructuring of our wireless subsidiary in Europe. That's all that has happened." N-Europe has also updated a retraction to the story. False alarm, folks, go back to your Spongebob games.

* Feel free to substitute with axed, sacked, made redundant, karate chopped, etc.

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