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Another (secret!) Need for Speed game in development

Jem Alexander

Thought three new Need for Speed games wouldn't be enough? EA seems to agree, confirming to Eurogamer that a fourth, secret addition to the series is also in development. Being secret, not much is known about the title, though it's fair to assume it'll have its own gimmick, separate from the other three. With Shift, Nitro and Online, EA have covered every console, so this fourth Need For Speed could land anywhere.

Keith Munro from EA's Marketing division is quick to say that developing four games simultaneously is in no way a result of the economic crisis, stating that work began "long before" the crunch began. "This isn't about quantity, this is about crafting different games for different audiences and their unique tastes in the driving category. I would say that our strategy is the inverse of milking; it is an intentionally non-traditional approach."

We're not sure exactly how "inverse milking" works, but it sounds quite uncomfortable for the poor cow in question. This seems a lot like regular franchise milking, though we'll reserve judgment until we get to see all four titles in action.

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