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Buy this book: Chris Ziegler's 'T-Mobile G1 For Dummies'


Look, we don't normally talk about that wacky old medium -- the printed word -- but this is a special case. Our very own Chris Ziegler, whom many of us refer to around here as "the modern-day Hemingway," has just recently put pen to paper (er, finger to keyboard) and written the definitive tome on all things G1. Namely, T-Mobile G1 For Dummies. If you at all care about the state of our nation, world peace, finding the Ark of the Covenant, creating the perfect salsa, or just figuring out how to set the alarm clock on your phone: this is the book for you. In all seriousness, we're super proud of Chris' efforts here, and we hope -- if you're totally into the G1, like we know you are -- you'll take a peek at these totally boss pages.

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