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Colorsonic concept MP3 player turns your tunes into groovy colors, man

Tim Stevens

MP3 players with screens that show pretty colors are certainly nothing new, but Rhea Jeong's Colorsonic concept is something rather different. It's a little donut-shaped device that lacks a proper display, instead lighting its sections up to represent different types of music tagged using software at home -- think Shuffle meets mood ring. You could drop all your Sabbath and miscellaneous metal on black, Green Day and various faux-punk on green, and your Clannad and other soothing tunes on a nice dreamy blue. Then, just touch that section of the player and let the music flow. The thing even has storage for two impossibly small Bluetooth earbuds (shown below) that can nestle within the center (aka the Munchkin/Timbit zone). While we generally hate being teased by fanciful concepts as much as you, but this one was developed as part of an internship at Samsung, meaning there might just be a chance it could come to fruition. Sorry, colorblind folks, you'll have to stick with other oddly shaped ways to play your tunes.

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