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Netflix earnings call roundup: Testing Saturday shipments, 700k Blu-ray subscribers and even more streaming


All week, we've seen stats, figures and speculation based on Netflix's earnings call leaking out, and here's a few more interesting notes gathered from around the Internet for those not glued to their speakerphone Monday. Checking in to the party was always talkative analyst Michael Pachter, suggesting that the Xbox Live / Netflix combo could bring more than 1 million gamers to Netflix over the next year, with the service becoming a "gold mine" for the video rental company. At the same time, while CEO Reed Hastings touted "millions" served by Watch Instantly streams, the number of Blu-ray subs rose to 700,000, up from 500k at the beginning of December. Whether you count that as a victory for digital distribution or old school discs, those still checking their mailbox will be happy to know the company is testing Saturday shipping in certain long as the USPS keeps mailing six days a week.

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