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One Shots: Traffic jam

One of the hot new mounts for World of Warcraft players that came with Wrath of the Lich King is a truly enormous mammoth mount. In the first days of the game's release it was rare to see anyone on one, but as time goes by (and people earn more and more gold) they're becoming slightly more common. The problem is that if you have enough people rumbling around on one of these mounts, well, it's mammoth as far as the eye can see! Today's One Shots comes to us from Bruno D. (we'd assume he's the troll in the middle) who writes in: This is an interesting screenshot I took on the EU server of Twylight's Hammer. Dalaran was invaded by two huge mammoths. Everyone was running for their lives. Well, not really. They were all crowding to take screenshots.

If you have strange, hilarious, or unusual screenshots of crazy jammed-up situations that you've seen in an MMO, we'd love to see them. Just send them to us here at oneshots AT along with your name and game. Description is optional, but welcome. We'll post them here and give you credit!

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