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Polaroid: Help us convince Apple to add Bluetooth transfer support


We received an interesting email this morning from Polaroid -- they are asking for the assistance of iPhone owners to convince Apple to provide Bluetooth transfer support for the platform. Adding Bluetooth transfer support would make it possible for the iPhone to print to the new Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer (photo at right).

The PoGo (US$99.95) is a pocket-sized inkless printer that prints full-color photos from cell phones using Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't have Bluetooth transfer capabilities, although a solution for jailbroken iPhones has been in the news lately. As a result, the PoGo and iPhone don't play together.

Polaroid would like to change that:

To encourage Apple to become compatible with the Polaroid Pogo printer, we are asking iPhone owners to submit an enhancement request form at the following link and to express their interest for better Bluetooth transfer capabilities including OPP profile so they can print to the Polaroid Pogo printer.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Would you consider a pocket printer for your iPhone if Apple made the necessary changes to the OS? Leave us feedback.

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