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Some details scared up on next Resident Evil movie


If the sweeping epic of Resident Evil: Extinction had you chomping at the neck for another installment, has some details from a "very reliable source" about the fourth film in the franchise. Auteur Paul (insert consonants here) Anderson has written the screenplay, but won't direct. The screenplay is more like RE2 (the film), but with, ahem ... "better dialogue." There's speculation that they may need to bring in a martial arts choreographer for all the hand-to-hand combat. Finally, Extinction's creature effects guy is back, with Jurassic Park 3's special FX supervisor coming on board.

Once Milla Jovovich commits to playing Project Alice again, the producers will look for a director. Filming will take place in Tokyo and Toronto, with the Canadian capital (it's not? well, it should be) filling in for Alaska. For those not following the movies, Alaska may be the last refuge for survivors. How do we know so much about Extinction? Don't blame us, it's available for free on X360's Netflix.

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