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Xbox, Nintendo & PlayStation make Top Social Brands list

Dustin Burg

The connection between a person and a commercial brand is sometimes enough to start fanboy wars, verbal tiffs and even six-round thumb wrestling matches. So, it should come as no surprise that social advertising consultant Vitrue created a list of the Top Social Brands of 2008. Oh, you'll be pleased to know that the gaming industry's "Big Three" (more like, The Only Three) all made the list. Why else would we be writing about it?

As far as social gaming brands go, Xbox came out on top at the #5 position, which was, interestingly enough, just ahead of the grande-non-fat-iced-latte-sugar-free-carmel Starbucks brand. Sony (the company, not just its gaming division) is listed at #9, Microsoft at #11, Nintendo at #13, PlayStation at the #15 position, and Sega (wow, really?) landed at #72. For whatever reason, a solo appearance by Wii, or even its sidekick, DS, was not to be found in the top 100.

We're not sure if the point of this list was to grant select fanboys bragging rights or not, but we ask that you please keep the verbal tiffs to a minimum and all thumb wrestling activities restricted to the playground.

(In case you were wondering, the ever-trendy iPhone claimed 2008's social brand crown.)

[Via Major Nelson]

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