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iPhone, Apple, iPod in top 10 social brands of the year


Put on your buzzword protectors, because here comes a whole hive: Vitrue, a company that "helps organizations leverage consumer-generated content" has released a list of the top 100 "social brands" for 2008, according to their "Social Media Index," which... meh, we give up. Basically, they have a list of the most-talked about brands of last year, and surprise, surprise, the iPhone tops the charts. We're not much for any company that uses the phrase "paradigm shift" completely unironically, so "Vitrue" isn't exactly the end-all authority here, but you have to admit, no gadget, device, or tech brand has been more dissected and discussed and "empowered" (ugh) than Apple's own iPhone.

And speaking of Apple, they're sitting on the list at number three, and the iPod brand reached number 7. The Mac brand comes in at number 16, and AT&T is two steps below T-Mobile and Verizon at number 64. Say what you want about Apple and the day-to-day issues of the iPhone or their ongoing battles with developers, but when it comes to "mindshare" (look, now they've got us doing it!), the Cult of Mac reigns supreme.

[via Joystiq]

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