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Steam Savings: 30% off all Rockstar Games [update]

This weekend Steam is offering 30% off the entire Rockstar Games library, including the recently released Grand Theft Auto IV. Looking to erase the memory of being subjected to the recent Max Payne big screen adaptation? Max Payne and its sequel are among the titles reduced in the sale. Bulk buyers will also be happy to know the Rockstar Collection is now priced at $69.99, which includes everything in the catalog except GTAIV (which has been reduced to $34.99) including Grand Theft Auto IV. If you're looking to add a little chaos to your PC game library, this could be worth your time.

Update: Grand Theft Auto IV is included in the complete Rockstar Collection, however Bully: Scholarship Edition is not (on sale for $20.99). The Rockstar Collection is on sale for $69.99.

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