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The Air Stands Still bugged for Shadow Priests?

Matthew Rossi

We got an interesting email tip from Matthew Madinger that the quest The Air Stands Still is bugged in a really odd and unique way. Namely, it kills Shadow Priests who do it. Intrigued, I checked the WoWhead link and sure enough, several other shadow priests have reported the same bug. Without going into too much detail, our face melting priest friends are reporting that the death knight mobs who are supposed to help with the quest are instead coming over and killing them. In one case this means you get the honor of being killed by a very important Death Knight, if that's any consolation.

If you're a shadow priest, please be careful when taking this quest, and if you could report back on whether or not it bugged for you we'd appreciate it. I don't have a shadow priest myself, so I was unable to try and see if I got killed.

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