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The Old Republic video details Tython, shows off unexpected footage

Kyle Horner

BioWare has unleashed what they're calling the first Developer Dispatch on their official Star Wars: The Old Republic website. In truth, it's an exceptionally high quality developer diary video centered around Jedi training planet Tython and its laborious creation. And while that doesn't sound particularly awesome, it actually is pretty much that.

Disappointingly, no new combat footage was given up this time around. Mostly, we weren't given any gameplay to indulge upon. What was offered was soothing geek-surances like the above image of lightsaber concept-to-game model. This is BioWare saying, "See? Our concept art translates quite well into game engine!" and they're basically on the mark.

One thing BioWare was able to do is say a lot with just a little. The gameplay footage that was revealed caught us a little off guard. Not only did this fresh early footage bare what most MMOs have a player staring at for hours -- their avatar jogging along complacently -- but it looked pretty good. Obviously, we're not raising The Old Republic's right hand in victory over "pretty good" looking footage. Yet at this early date, such a routine-but-key visual looks like it's been pretty well nailed down. Check out the full video after the break.

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