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Bethesda ranks Oblivion DLC, Horse Armor still selling

Considering that the term "Horse Armor" has become a common idiom when referring to unnecessary, costly DLC, we find it somewhat surprising that people are still purchasing Oblivion's equestrian plate mail. However, a recent Bethesda Blog post which ranked Oblivion's available add-ons by their total sales figures claimed, "even Horse Armor continues to sell daily." While pondering the type of folks who would drop two-and-a-half American dollars to trick out their virtual ponies, check out how the rest of the DLC measured up:

  1. Wizard's Tower
  2. Thieves Den
  3. Mehrunes Razor
  4. Spell Tomes
  5. Vile Lair
  6. The Orrery
  7. Knights of the Nine
  8. Shivering Isles
  9. Horse Armor
  10. Fighter's Stronghold

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