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iPhones should work well at the Super Bowl

Mel Martin

If you're going to be at Super Bowl XLIII today, your iPhone may actually work. Several companies have brought in massive amounts of equipment to handle what will certainly be an extraordinary increase of cellular and data traffic.

ADC, a cable and wireless technology provider, has brought in a special system they have deployed at Raymond James Stadium. The equipment will provide coverage throughout the stadium, including the inner bowl, all seating levels, luxury boxes, offices and locker rooms, and the stadium parking area.

The firm expects the system to handle between 10,000 to 15,000 simultaneous calls. Meanwhile, our friends at AT&T have added to the two cell sites that are already in the stadium. They have also beefed up coverage at the Tampa International Airport, downtown hotels, at the University of South Florida Sun Dome and team practice fields.

AT&T is also increasing the capacity of the 2G network by 400% and the 3G network by 335%.The company has also brought in two additional mobile cells on wheels that will cover the stadium parking lots.

I would expect there will be a lot of texting, calling, and pictures sent from the iPhones in the stands. It will be interesting to see how well the system actually holds up.

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