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Attempted GameStop robbery ends safely


In one of the happier endings we've seen regarding attempted robbery and video games of late, two suspects were arrested with no shots fired during a one-hour standoff with police outside of a GameStop in Solon, Ohio this past Saturday night. According to local reports, London McArthur and Javon Greer, both 19, entered the Cleveland-area GameStop around 7:30PM, brandishing a bb gun and "a pistol" in an attempt to rob the store. By 8:30PM they were exiting the store into the welcoming arms of local police.

Unfortunately for the GameStop in question, this marked the second robbery in less than two months, with thieves previously making off with a slew of Xbox 360 games and about $3500 in cash. Both new suspects have been charged with one count of aggravated robbery and one count of kidnapping, presumably for holding employees inside during the standoff. They've also been charged with third-degree stupidity, we hope.

If you're a concerned GameStop customer, we'd humbly suggest you investigate "The Internet." There aren't any armed robbers there and the games are (generally speaking) less expensive. What have you got to lose?

[Via Nintendo Everything]

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