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February 9th: the LIT release date at the end of the tunnel


WayForward Technologies has announced a North American release date and price point for their horror action puzzler LIT. One week from today (barring any interference from Nintendo, of course), on February 9th, the 3D WiiWare title will be available for just eight dollars. That's right, 800 Wii Points, the same amount you could pay for Pong Toss: Frat Party Games, for an original action game from the developers of Contra 4. We won't expect Contra 4 levels of awesomenes -- but the level designs were extremely well-thought-out in that game, which bodes well for this title's puzzle setups. And if this game turns out as hard as Contra 4, you can justify your tears by saying that you're roleplaying the emo protagonist!

According to the website, LIT features "light puzzling" as well as "5 boss battles against dark faculty members, an unlockable challenge mode, multiple endings, level select mode, and a second playable character." That sounds like an awful lot of content for a relatively cheap downloadable game.


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