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Free Radical's fate to be decided this week


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If you're like us, then you remember the amazing GoldenEye 007 and those fun TimeSplitters games (and are trying to forget that Haze one). That's why the ongoing story of UK-based Free Radical touches us so deeply. We were hoping to get a new TimeSplitters game some day!

Now, it looks like we'll know on Wednesday if that's to be, as ReSolve Partners, the restructuring administrator handling this dark time for Free Radical, has revealed that the fate of the company will be announced to one and all on February 4th. Hopefully, somebody ends up rescuing the company, because we'd hate to see Free Radical become permanently affixed to our layoffs tag. ReSolve has said that it's prepared to split up technology, IPs, and other assets if it cannot sell the company as a whole, or if the prospect of a more lucrative sale arises.

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