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Garmin's FR60 Fitness Watch won't help if you're lost, might help you lose weight

Tim Stevens

We're not quite sure what's up with Garmin, a company known almost exclusively for its navigation technology, releasing watches that lack GPS, but it seems to be a trend on alternate years. Back in 2007 there was the receiver-less Forerunner 50, then the happily GPS-enabled Forerunner 405 made made an appearance last year, and now we have the FR60, new but again bereft of any ability to tell you where you are. It sounds much the same as the older 50, including wireless connectivity with ANT+ devices to monitor heart rate, running pace, cycling cadence, and cycling speed, as well as the ability to sync automatically and wirelessly with a PC or Mac. New is the slim and (debatably) fashionable package -- that's the men's above, women's model in lovely lilac shown below. No word on availability or price, but we certainly hope the company won't charge a premium for a styling tweak and a shorter name.

Update: Looks like they're up for pre-order at $129, shipping next quarter.

[Via gizmag, thx Noodlehead]

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