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HTC Cedar's Bluetooth certification might confirm leaked lineup

Chris Ziegler

We hadn't had much doubt that HTC's leaked 2009 wares were real as it was -- especially considering that we've seen the Android-powered Sapphire doing its thing in the wild -- but these are the kinds of deals where we like just as much confirmation as we can possibly get, you know? To that end, the good ol' Bluetooth SIG is hooking us up with certification information for an HTC Cedar, which just happens to one of the many, many devices in that leak. The Cedar itself is probably one of the least interesting phones in the group, an unassuming portrait QWERTY piece -- but more importantly, it proves that "Cedar" is a valid codename in HTC's current vernacular, so we can count on seeing other models in that bunch like the Tungsten, Whitestone, and Thoth as well.


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