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Modder crafts homemade 12-cell battery for Eee, doubles stock battery life, grows unsightly hump

Tim Stevens

Remember the Eee 901 "hammerhead edition," the extra-wide monstrosity that offered 10 cells of goodness in one less than aesthetic package? Welcome to that accessory's homebrew cousin, the creation of a modder by the name of TenaciousDre who stole eight batteries from an old laptop and wired them up to the existing four-cell battery, creating a 12-cell shrink-wrapped bulge to protrude less than majestically from the back of his Eee. The good news is 12 to 15 hours of life with the laptop set on its most frugal settings; the bad news is a 12 hour re-charge time and a useless battery gauge that reads zero percent despite eight hours of juice remaining. We have seen uglier examples of excess in the computing world before, but would probably rather carry around a second (and third) battery than have to explain this tumor to every passer-by at Starbucks.

[Via Portable Monkey]

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