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Nintendo replaces Wii melted in house fire


Nintendo's customer service has a reputation for going above and beyond to satisfy the needs of once-distraught fans. This may be because only the stories of NIntendo awesomeness proliferate online (Not a headline: "Nintendo says it can't do anything for broken DS"), but this stuff makes us so happy that we'd rather not go all cynical. For now.

GoNintendo reader PsyduckWarrior's house caught fire, destroying (among other things, of course) his entire video game collection, including almost every Nintendo system and "more than 250 Nintendo games spanning all their consoles". Later, he sent Nintendo a fairly simple inquiry about transferring his account to a new Wii, including pictures demonstrating the circumstances through which he came to require a new Wii.

Nintendo responded by offering to send him a new Wii, along with a replacement for his Game Boy Advance SP. It may not be a replacement for his whole game collection, but it is a super-classy move from a company that could have just classified PsyduckWarrior's plight as, "Not our problem."

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