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Pantech's blow-controlled Sky Wind not for the faint of breath

Ross Miller

Using our powers of huffing and puffing is nothing new when it comes to device interaction -- even our Wii remote has doubled as an ocarina at some point -- but Pantech's looking to take it a step further with the Korea-bound IM-S410K Sky Wind. Powered by Fantalog Interactive's Emotion Engine software, the device recognizes short and long blows via the microphone and uses it for switching wallpapers, adjusting screen brightness, and -- in a less gimmicky use -- snapping photos with a blast of air while stabilizing the phone with both hands. It also sports movement detection with the camera and relative motion control via accelerometer. Pantech's got a three-year exclusivity agreement on the engine, so expect to see wind recognition touted in more than a few upcoming phones.

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