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Shiny new stuff coming to TUAW in 2009


The Macintosh turned 25 last week, but we'll be celebrating all year long. Keep checking back each month for Apple history, giveaways, new features and stories about our Apple gear and what we do with it. We may even have a few pleasant surprises this year...

Coming this February:
  • Giveaways to take your mind off this nasty global economic meltdown. This month we're giving away some business tools (stay tuned). We hope to have something to give away every single month in 2009.
  • New series: The TUAW Bookshelf, a monthly book review about anything from manuals to developer resources to history and cultural books around Apple. Coming in February: iPhone in Action by Christopher Allen and Shannon Applecline (and yes, we have a few copies to give away).
  • New series: One Page of Apps, a roundup of 16 apps in one big review. We realize some of the smaller apps don't require a full post, so we'll keep your RSS clutter-free by doing a few roundups. Look for the debut this week.
  • New series: Road Tested, where we take gear and put it to the test for a month.
  • Guest columns with developers and pundits. Appearing this Spring or sooner.
  • New videos: This Old Apple, a look back at working Apple computers from days gone by. We'll boot up some machines and try some vintage software. Appearing this Spring.

Of course, we've still got our usual lineup of posts, plus Flickr Find, Mac 101, Friday Favorite, First Look, Ask TUAW, Terminal Tips, TUAW Faceoff, interviews, liveblogs and lots more.

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