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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might have missed

Ross Miller

Video: Hacker war drives San Francisco cloning RFID passports
Think of it this way: Chris Paget just did you a service by hacking your passport and stealing your identity.

Crackulous released, promises to bust iPhone app protection scheme
If Apple's sat back and let the iPhone hacking community do its thing in peace (well, relative peace) so far, this little gem just might be what the doctor ordered to stir up the crap.

Elton John's Swarovski-encrusted charity iPod nano
Taking his cue from the classy 'n' sassy Swarovski crowd, the players are bedazzled in the aforementioned crystals, and are available in black, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, or yellow.
Other news of import

LG BD300 Blu-ray player review
It's taken over two years and we've finally came to a point where a standalone player easily out classes the PS3 as a Blu-ray player.

Helio Ocean 2 Review
Now that we've spent a few days comparing it to its predecessor, check out some of the the highs and lows of this new handset.

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