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The Halo MMO: What could have been

Shawn Schuster

In an interesting article at Gamasutra, the last days of Ensemble Studios are chronicled to honor the mega studio and what they once were. Regardless of the titles that put them on the map, the studio had some great games in the works. One such game was the Halo MMO, which was confirmed late last year. The project -- codenamed Orion -- has been in the works, in one form or another, since 1998.

According to the article, this project was to be the new focus of the company. There was even a brand new facility being built to house the development of the game. The construction of that building suddenly stopped one day, and Microsoft informed the team that they would be closing down operations. The project originally known as Titan was no more. Check out the entire three-page article for more on the last days of Ensemble Studios.

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