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Breakfast Topic: Uptime

Zach Yonzon

What? No regular long downtime for this week? That kind of... ruins my plans. I mean, the weekly maintenance usually means going out for coffee or a movie. Now that servers are actually going to stay up, the option to stay at home and play becomes available. For a lot of people, I think, this probably isn't even an issue. They'll be at work or in school, so the rolling restarts don't get in the way of any plans. Or do they?

While it's common for many players to do something outside of the game when it's server maintenance, I'm curious to know what happens when server maintenance doesn't happen or happens in the form of rolling restarts. Since Blizzard never announces too much in advance whether or not the maintenance will take a long time, some of us make plans for Tuesdays. What happens when servers don't go down? Do you take the unexpected uptime to catch up on some play time? Finish the Lunar Festival Achievements, maybe? Run a couple of heroics? Or hey, maybe it's business as usual.

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