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Did NBC's promotional shove help or hurt 3D?


Love it or hate it, 3D has been on a tear in 2009, and it enjoyed the biggest audience yet over the last two nights with a quick Super Bowl ad and follow up hour long 3D episode of Chuck, both on NBC. However, given the mixed opinions, and the questionable tech used to bring 3D to homes that aren't really equipped to deal with it, we're not sure if the movement went forward or backwards last night. Our friends at Cinematical and TV Squad have chipped in opinions on the Monsters vs. Aliens promo (embedded after the break) and special TV event, but what about you? As a glasses-only affair it required an audience a bit more prepared than usual than usual for TV, and there were plenty of chances for problems and misunderstanding. PR reps for theater 3D companies were quick to point out their stereoscopic technology provides much higher quality (we agree) than you saw on NBC, and while that begs the question why bother at all, it seems like the chance to seed the potential of 3D -- even with a subpar anaglyph display -- was too big of an opportunity to ignore.

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