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EA's Q3 financial report shows big sales for Rock Band, FIFA 09


EA has released its financial report for Q3 2008. Even though the company is currently restructuring jettisoning employees (the financial report says 11% of its workforce, up from the previous 10%), its sales highlights are full of enormous, impressive numbers. According to the report, EA was "the leading publisher in North America with approximately 20% segment share according to NPD." In Europe, EA had a 16% share, second only to Nintendo.

The report claims that Rock Band was "the number one title across all platforms in North America for calendar 2008." The key phrase there is "across all platforms" -- meaning "among games released on all three console platforms." It didn't make NPD's top 10 best-selling games.

EA's best-selling title of 2008 overall was FIFA 09, which sold 7.8 million copies in 2008. This estimate puts FIFA above three of the games on the combined Enterbrain/NPD/Chart-Track sales list.

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